Bella Thorne Disses Tana Mongeau In A Confession About Her Song’s Meaning

The Disney actress parted ways with her former girlfriend Tana Mongeau back in 2019. Since then, the pair has been feuding on Twitter about everything from music to OnlyFans.

Their messiest drama? Bella released a single titled “Stupid F***ing B**ch,” featuring a model that looks exactly like Tana. Her ex, in turn, made a YouTube video dissing the song.

Now, however, Bella is changing her tune and acting deeply unbothered by Tana. In fact, she is even claiming that the song had nothing to do with her ex.

The Song That Was Too Well-Played

Two months ago, Bella came out with a dramatic song in which she slammed an anonymous “Stupid F***ing B***h” who everybody assumed was Tana Mongeau. Certain elements of the song, including references to “your lips,” led fans to assume that the song was an ex. Since the model in the video looked eerily like Tana, most viewers assumed the song was a revenge track.

Even Tana believed that the song was about her. The insulted ex went so far as to take to YouTube to publish a reaction video dissing Bella’s music.

Bella, however, is now claiming that the song had nothing to do with Tana. According to the OnlyFans star, she never wrote the lyrics about a specific person. In a statement, Bella claims that the so-called “revenge track” is just about a generally toxic person working her way into a hypothetical friend group.

“It’s not (about Mongeau),” she stated, “The song is about people in your friend groups.”

A Cartoon That Says It All

Bella and Tana still fight so regularly that it can be hard to keep track. Luckily, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is here to break down all the drama via one of his famous doodles.

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In a recent cartoon, Perez depicted Bella’s impression of Tana’s “Stupid F***ing B***h” reaction video. He placed Tana in the corner of his cartoon, and then situated Bella above her.

The Disney actress looks down at her ex-girlfriend and mutters two words: “You wish.”








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