Bhad Bhabie Shows Off Her Tattoos, And Fans Think She’s Appropriating Again

It’s not the first time Bhad Bhabie (real name Danielle Bregoli) has been accused of ‘blackfishing,’ but fans are hoping it’s the last.

This time it comes after an official apology she issued earlier in December for offending people with her comments on Black culture. She may only be 17, but followers of this controversial music industry newbie are NOT impressed that she keeps making the same mistakes – even after being called out on them.

She Doesn’t ‘Want to Be Black’

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In a rant she posted to her socials just three weeks ago, Danielle addressed an offensive comment she’d made about the Black community on IG Live. When fans suggested she ‘wants to be Black,’ Danielle clapped back with the response “who would want to be Black? I don’t understand that, I really just don’t comprehend it.”

This earned her so much criticism that Danielle ended up logging back on and defending her style choices in her own words. She said that her hair is naturally curly, which her followers have noticed on the rare occasion she posts natural pics. She didn’t discuss her deepened skin tone or traditionally Black hair styling choices, though.

She Lip Synced to Young Thug

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Danielle’s latest post shows her in a car mouthing along to Young Thug’s track ‘Audemar.’ She has her arm up over her head for some of the video, showcasing the tattoos that wrap around her inner right bicep.

The main tattoo in view is one she got in March of this year, featuring an inked portrait of herself surrounded by stacks of cash. Fans think the Danielle in the tattoo and the Danielle wearing the tattoo both have cultural signifiers (like ultra long acrylic nails and braided hair) that Bhad Bhabie may have borrowed from cultures that aren’t her own.

Her Followers Have Mixed Responses

A lot of the comments on Danielle’s post involve people debating about whether or not she’s still appropriating Black culture.


“Why won’t you embrace your own culture?” one follower asks, while another wrote “You’re so gorgeous, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and keep doing what you’re doing.”

“How isn’t this cultural appropriation?” wrote a different IG user in a comment that earned a few dozen likes.

“Cultural appropriation,” agreed another, with added eye-rolling emojis. “If you’re gonna do it, don’t disrespect it.”

One of the most-liked comments took a peace-keeping approach, suggesting that Danielle should embrace her “old style.” Here’s some advice for her in that commentor’s words: “Don’t change because you are really beautiful, turn to your natural beauty.”

It’s Danielle’s choice what she wants to look like, but it seems like some choices might keep getting her called out.








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