‘Big Brother 22’: Who Was Season One Player, Cassandra Waldon?

“Big Brother” was back for another eviction night! Nominees Kevin and Da’Vonne were up on the block tonight, and fans weren’t sure which way the vote would go. Although Da’Vonne has been a fan favorite for all 3 seasons she has appeared on, it was not her night. The incomparable “Big Brother” player was evicted on a 5 – 2 vote and will be joining fellow player and former winner, Ian Terry, in the jury house.

While we are sad to see her go, one thing that will forever remain legendary, apart from Da’Vonne herself, was her speech! The jury member took the opportunity to touch on her experience as a Black woman in the “Big Brother” house and her desire to be the first Black houseguest to win the game. During her speech, Da’Vonne paid tribute to former Black houseguests, including season 1’s very own, the late, Cassandra Waldon.

‘Big Brother 1’: Cassandra Waldon

Tonight’s episode was certainly one to remember! “Big Brother 22” is seriously heating up, and fans have finally been let in on the newest twist with the return of “Big Brother” neighbor, Dr. Will Kirby! While we’re all anxiously awaiting what this may be, fans are still not over tonight’s eviction. With Kevin and Da’Vonne on the block, it seemed as if the house wasn’t sure who would be leaving. Although she’s played one heck of a game, Da’Vonne was evicted on tonight’s episode, officially becoming the second member of the jury.

While she may no longer be part of the game, she has certainly left a lasting impression. During her speech tonight, Da’Vonne took the opportunity to shed light on past Black “Big Brother” houseguests, including the legendary, Cassandra Waldon. Da’Vonne expressed that her “desire” was to be the first-ever “African-American winner”, and pled to her fellow houseguests to help her make that happen. The star paid tribute to past Black players, including Tamar Braxton’s win on “Celebrity Big Brother”, however, it was season 1’s Cassandra that stole the show.

Cassandra Waldon was the first-ever Black woman to play the game! She had participated in the first-ever season back in the year 2000, and was the first houseguest to not only be from Maryland but to ever step foot in the “Big Brother” house! During her time on the show, Waldon was eliminated but was brought back into the game all thanks to the first-ever return twist. Both Da’Vonne and Julie honored Cassandra on tonight’s episode, and rightfully so!

As bright as she was, Cassandra Waldon, sadly passed away on September 25, 2019, after sustaining injuries due to a car accident. Cassandra without a doubt left her mark on the show, and paved the way for future Black players to not only play the game but play it to win! Although “Big Brother” has yet to crown a Black player as the winner, Da’Vonne said it best, “it is not impossible and can be done”, and the late and great Cassandra Waldon was the first to try and make that happen.









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