Bindi Irwin Pays Tribute To Late Dad, Steve, Announcing Name Of Her New Baby Girl

Bindi Irwin, the animal-loving daughter of Terri and the late Steve Irwin, has been all over social media recently. All grown up, the young lady is now a young mother, and showing off her beautiful daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin, to the world, with her husband Chandler Powell.

Irwin, who lost her dad in 2006 after he suffered an injury from a stingray, seems to have picked up where her dad left off. She is always pictured with animals, and alongside her new husband, Powell, she’s leading the charge to ramp up animal conservation efforts in Australia and abroad. Together, they are working to continue to honor Steve Irwin’s legacy, which is where the heart of their daughter’s name came from.

Bindi told ABC News that her daughter’s name came from her and Chandler’s relatives, but it is the tribute to her father that clearly touches the new mother. “Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.”

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The Wildlife Warriors, is a conservation organization that educates and informs the general public on how to care for injured, threatened or endangered animals. It was founded in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin and continues that legacy today.

As for little Grace Powell, she certainly won’t be lacking love in any capacity. It seems her maternal grandmother, Terri and Uncle Robert, Bindi’s younger brother, are just a bit crazy over her.

“Steve would be beyond proud. Grace is the next generation to carry on his mission and message of conservation,” the new grandmother tweeted. Robert Irwin also said about the sweet little girl, “Let the uncle adventures begin! Love you so much, Grace…”

If this is giving you serious flashbacks to watching Bindi grow up, or you want to see what shoes little Grace might grow to fill, you can watch the show she starred in when she was younger, Bindi: The Jungle Girl on Discovery+.








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