Halfway Through Their ’90 Day Fiancé Stint,’ Natalie And Mike Still Speak Two Different Languages

If the question is who put the ‘D’ in drama, it’s definitely TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and its numerous spin0ffs. Season 8 of the reality TV show has been underway since December and most of the couples are about halfway through their 90 day visas.

The premise of the show is that couples, usually a mix of American-born citizens and significant others from different countries, have 90 days to be together in America before they legally have to either get married, or go back. Sometimes that’s the whole crux of the problem.

For Mike and Natalie, it’s only the beginning. Natalie is from Ukraine, and the language barrier a bit of an obstacle, but that isn’t what has these two up in arms and at each other’s throats all the time.

In a recent episode of the show, Natalie clearly tells Mike that she’d like them to go to couples’ therapy, and Mike shuts her down without really hearing her out. At the halfway point for these two, it seems they have a lot more to figure out than just how to communicate with words.

From the beginning, these two have had issues with communication, especially after Natalie’s K-1 visa was denied. Mike said he “didn’t trust her,” and Natalie insulted her fiance’s IQ. And while Natalie admitted that they have “different mentalities and don’t agree on stuff,” prompting her to ask to see a therapist, Mike was “not interested” despite saying he wanted to “talk with her and communicate with her.”

For viewers, Mike and Natalie are a classic “opposites attract” couple who are flailing in deep water with the hopes of not drowning. To see their episodes and catch up on all the 90 Day Fiance drama, tune into TLC on Sundays at 8pm.








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