Halle Berry Just Revealed Her First Kiss Was With A Girl

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry revealed that she received her first kiss from another woman via Instagram on Thursday. Berry divulged everything about the experience on an episode of her Instagram Live show Bad & Booshy.

Halle Berry On Her First Kiss

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Halle did not spare any juicy details of the encounter, beginning her story by sharing, “My first kiss…was a girl, cause I had this boyfriend named LaShawn Boyd and I wanted to French kiss him. But I didn’t know how to French kiss, so I got my best girlfriend at the time to show me how to French kiss, so I could French kiss him.”

She continued, “So she came over to my house and kissed me for like 30 minutes. Literally showed me how to French kiss a boy. And then the next night, I went and French kissed LaShawn Boyd.” After a whopping half hour of kissing lessons from her best pal, young Halle mustered the courage to kiss her beau. After all… practice makes perfect!

The other half of the Bad and Booshy duo is Halle’s best friend, Lindsay Flores. Berry did clarify that Lindsay was NOT the girl she was kissing in her story, however the pair did tease that they may have kissed before.

Lindsay confessed, “We kiss all the time, we’ve been kissing for 20 plus years.” Flores then shared the details of her own first kiss experience, which she described as quite awkward. She said, “My first French kiss was Todd Kaplan in Chicago, behind a gas station across from the dairy queen, and I remember I was so embarrassed, our friends dared us to kiss…he opened his mouth, and I didn’t open my mouth. It was so awkward, and we had to redo the kiss. I was mortified, I didn’t think it was good.”

Halle With Her Current Beau

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Berry demanded to hear Todd’s side of the story, where she demanded, “Todd Kaplan I’m expecting to hear from you, bring it!”

The episode covered further questions such as, “Has Booshy ever convinced Ms. Bad not to do a movie?” Lindsay identifies as “Booshy,” while award-winning Halle acts as “Ms. Bad” on the Instagram Live series.

Halle laughed and proclaimed, “I wish she would have!” She further explained, “I don’t do acting as a hobby, it’s to earn a living and raise my children. Not everything I’m excited about, sometimes you just got to go to work, and say this is a job, and I got to go do my job as an actor.”

Halle captioned her Instagram post, “We want you to spill the tea on your first kiss too. P.S. Anyone know where we can find Todd Caplan? We have some questions!” Be sure to let Halle know if you can find her BFF’s mystery man!








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