Here’s What ‘Twin Peaks’ Star Lara Flynn Boyle Looks Like Now

Twin Peaks is a super creative, interesting TV drama, and one that definitely has enjoyed a large fanbase ever since it premiered in the ’90s. The David Lynch series has some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts and every scene and moment feels so meaningful.

The death of Laura Palmer rocked the small town to its core, and Lara Flynn Boyle became famous after portraying Laura’s best friend Donna Hayward. This character wanted nothing more than to solve Laura’s murder, and the show wouldn’t feel the same without her.

These days, many Twin Peaks fans don’t think that Lara Flynn Boyle looks like the same at all. Some celebrities like Michael Jackson have gotten many plastic surgery procedures and it looks like the actress has done the same. Here’s what she looks like today.

The Plastic Surgery

both images are via The Daily Mail

Many stars have fallen into the trap of becoming addicted to plastic surgery, which happened to The Hills star Heidi Montag when she had too many procedures.

In 2014, people started talking about Lara Flynn Boyle’s plastic surgery and how she didn’t look the same at all. According to The Daily Mail, there seem to be two different times in her life when she might have gotten some work done.

After her 2016 wedding to Donald Ray Thomas II, the publication says she looked like she had gotten either a facelift or brow lift, fillers, lip augmentation, and/or rhinoplasty. Back in the 2000s, people also say that she might have gotten Botox and also done something to her lips.

both images are via Radar Online

According to Radar Online, the actress looked very different back in 2017 and her face looked “puffy.” The publication pointed out that for several years, people had wondered if she had been getting work done.


The actress was seen walking her dog in June 2020 and many noted that she didn’t look the way that she used to. People don’t see Lara Flynn Boyle out and about very much anymore, and her face does look pretty puffy in this photo as well.

Feeling Insecure About Aging

The Daily Mail says that the actress has talked about feeling insecure about aging, especially in terms of getting acting roles.

She said, “I know I may be running out of time. There are just not that many roles for older women. On a vanity level, I am not looking forward to aging at all – I think I look pretty good now.”

In 2017, Lara Flynn Boyle was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and she shared that she knows that people have written all kinds of things about her over the years. When the reporter asked, “How are you on a personal level?” she said, “I’m an actress, nothing is personal” and laughed before continuing, “It’s all out in the open.”









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