Jason Momoa Teases The Global Reveal Of Harley Davidson’s Pan America

It’s no secret that Jason Momoa is a huge fan of the Harley-Davidson brand. He owns many stunning Harleys and has often been photographed out and about riding his bike, stopping at local shops or to join other Harley-Davidson enthusiasts as they hit the open road for a day of fun.

Truly passionate about the brand, Momoa has solidly stood behind Harley-Davidson, and his now part of their upcoming new launch. Thrilled to be part of the promotion, Momoa has begun teasing the global reveal of Harley-Davidson’s Pan America. Highly anticipated and much debated, this bike is going to change the ever evolving landscape of the brand, and is poised to be one of their biggest model releases of all time.

Momoa Promotes The Pan America

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Jason Momoa treated his 15.3 million fans to a sneak peek video of the grand machine that has everyone talking. Slated to launch the Harley-Davidson brand to the next level, the Pan America is designed as Harley-Davidson’s first ever adventure touring bike and that has Momoa written all over it! This enthusiastic risk-taker is all about adrenaline rush activities, making him the perfect spokesperson for this campaign.

The Pan America is seen tackling sandy terrain and at one point it fully conquers sand dunes without losing traction. The thrill of the ride continues as the video shows this incredible machine taking on some seriously rugged off-road terrain with precision and complete ease.

Fans Have Questions

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Tackling this terrain is not something your average Harley-Davidson could ever do, and the appeal of this bike is apparent on every level. With this redefined handling, exceptional traction and an engine that just keeps on going, it’s no wonder that fans are sitting at the edge of their seats, counting down the days until they can test drive and make a purchase.

Fans took to the comments section on Instagram as an opportunity to ask Momoa some burning questions they have about his experience with the bike. Questions posed included; “How’s the weight feel on that bad boy!?” “Did you like it?,” and of course, the most burning question of all was related to the price tag that would be attached to this incredible bike. One fan wrote in to ask; “Will I have to sell a kidney to afford one ???” but that’s something that Harley-Davidson has not yet revealed… it looks like he’ll have to wait for the reveal to find out.








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