Lena Dunham Adds Fashion To Her Resume With Plus Size Clothing Line

Girls creator Lena Dunham has moved some very promising steps in the world of fashion launching her plus-size clothing line.

The collection is a collaboration with brand 11 Honoré, a retailer that encourages high-end designers to include a variety of sizes.

Lena Dunham Launches Plus-Size, Retro Collection With 11 Honoré

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“I’ve always been a fluctuator, but it wasn’t until I got into my thirties and had a hysterectomy that I started to really settle into my adult body and- spoiler alert- she wasn’t a size 4,” Dunham wrote in an Instagram post published today (April 6).

“I yearned to find some peace and sustainability in my body. I valued my mental and physical health over an outdated image of how I thought I’d look at this age (Holly Golightly meets Courtney Love) or numbers on a scale (haven’t weighed myself in several years, turn around when they do it at the doctor, broke up with that metric when it became a ceaseless brain worm,)” Dunham also wrote.

The filmmaker explained she wanted to launch the line after having experienced first-hand how very few options plus-sized women are afforded in the current fashionscape.

“But once I was firmly in my plus-sized body, I started to look around at the fashion landscape and realized that the perceptions of bigger bodies- that we want to dress like grandmas, rockabilly chicks or club divas- are whack as hell,” she wrote.

Her vintage-inspired outfits include a floral dress, a navy blazer and skirt, a cream shirt and a white tank top, and are available to shop online.

“I don’t want any plus woman to wonder if she’ll fit into these clothes. I know that I for one never want to pray as I pull up a pair of jeans again- what a useless thing to pray about,” Dunham concluded.

Lena Dunham On Designers Dressing Her For Official Events

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Dunham has also opened up on being dressed for events as a person in the entertainment industry with a non-conforming body.

“I’ve been a size 4 on the red carpet and a size 16- I wish I could say that the experience of getting dressed was the same, but it’s just not,” Dunham wrote in a previous post.

“When you’re thin- no matter the reason- there’s a kind of inherent nod of congratulations that comes from being able to fit into runway samples and look the part of a Hollywood starlet. And while some designers have embraced my plus size body, there’s always the inherent implication by others that by doing so they have bravely risen to some kind of “challenge” (and that I’m brave simply for coming out in this body, dressed in a way that doesn’t hide in shame,)” she continued.








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