‘Stranger Things’ Star Used A Disguise To Wait Restaurant Tables During The Pandemic

Stranger Things might be one of the most popular series Netflix has ever created, but its star cast is humble as ever. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson in the sci-fi horror series had quite the surprise for Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on The Tonight Show.

The young actor revealed he had taken up a job during the Covid-19 pandemic, and disguised himself so he wouldn’t be recognized. It wasn’t always successful, because “3-year-olds, toddlers” who loved the show knew it was him!

Why Dustin Decided To Get A Job At The Restaurant

The actor revealed that everyone he ever knew; his friends, brother and cousins got a job at one of the restaurants near his home in New Jersey, while he stayed at home and played Mario Kart. Matarazzo revealed spending far too many hours at the game, and decided to give up after being really good at it.

“I got really good at it, to the point of which- I knew it was really sad.”

Explaining his job, the actor said he was a food runner. “I stood at the line and then, when orders were up, I just brought them to the tables.”

Matarazzo wore a disguise, and dressed in the restaurant’s merchandise with a T-shirt, a hat and a sleeve mask which covered his face. “I had, like, disguise. I was incognito which was fun.”

He used a deep voice while talking with customers, and even though his face was hidden away, they still knew it was him! “It was just my eyes and people still recognized.”

The teen actor noted the fans who recognized him from Stranger Things were as young as toddlers. “There are toddlers who love Stranger Things, they think it’s like the bomb dot com.”

Matarazzo teased new details about the upcoming season, since receiving the Covid-19 vaccine a few days ago.

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“We’re getting back,” he said to Jimmy Fallon, of the show’s filming after its multiple delays. He also suggested that Stranger Things season 4 might be the “scariest” chapter yet.

“Oh, yeah! That’s the one thing I’ve noticed…I was reading it and I’m like, ‘They’re going for it this year, that’s pretty cool!'”

He added, “So I don’t know if the toddlers are going to enjoy it as much this time going around.”








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