‘The Bachelor’: It’s Not Over Between Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell

The Bachelor aired for nearly 20 years before a Black man was chosen to lead the series. When Matt James was announced as the front-runner in a historical decision for the season, fans of Bachelor Nations were overjoyed and couldn’t wait to see him find love.

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However, things don’t always work out as they should, and the show’s attempt to turn a new leaf was met with racist issues that sparked conversations through the latter half of the series.

Photos of Rachael Kirkconnell, a contestant who eventually received Matt’s final rose, dressed in slave owner cosplay at a party in 2018 surfaced online, which led to several members of the franchise calling her out for racist behavior. Matt James too expressed his disappointment at the news in an Instagram post.

It’s Not Over Between Matt And Rachael

Even though the controversy ended with Matt James being single, fans were relieved he wasn’t engaged to Rachael. Gossip Guru Reality Steve however has proven otherwise…

Matt and Rachael have been seen in New York City together, which means it isn’t over between them as the former Bachelor led fans to believe.

Fans can hardly accept this news and are surprised at how Matt could pursue a relationship with Rachael after her racist past made waves and damaged her reputation, along with longtime host Chris Harrison’s who defended her unacceptable actions.

Bachelor Nation fans shared their thoughts to Twitter. “Why would he as a black man want to be with someone who just three years prior went to a party celebrating and mocking slavery?!” wrote @nafeesahcarter.

@lemmel15 accused Matt of pleasing fans rather than dealing with his feelings. “He was breaking up w/ her to try to please America instead of following his heart.”

@blakesforever requested fans to leave them alone, as this was an issue they had to navigate through individually. “No matter how any of you feel, leave them both alone. It’s not your life, be nice.”

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Well, Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell aren’t the only couple to have found their way back to each other. Bennett Jordan from Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette and Kit Keenan from Matt’s season were seen hanging out in New York City!

It’s a strange pairing for fans since the reality television stars share a 15-year age difference.








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