The Cast Of Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Ranked By Net Worth

Bravo has proven itself as one of the best networks when it comes to reality television. While they are mostly known for the hit franchise, Real Housewives, Bravo is also home to some great shows including Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, and of course, Below Deck!

The show introduced fans to Captain Lee and Captain Sandy, who deal with some of the craziest moments out in the sea! After its start back in 2013, Below Deck gained immense traction amongst Bravo fans and has since become one of the most-watched series. Despite its success, the show found itself in a scandal when cast member, Peter Hunziker was fired for racist posts online. 

Luckily the network bounced back and has returned to its rightful spot. With many of the cast returning for multiple seasons, fans have begun to wonder just how rich the fellow crew is. While we know how much fellow co-star, Kate Chastain is worth, here’s how much the rest of the cast compares when it comes to their net worth!

10 Ben Robinson – $2.5 Million

Via Bravo TV

Ben Robinson joined the cast of Below Deck as none other than the mastermind behind some of the most delicious meals the crew has served to its guests. While his time on the show has certainly helped him amass his $2.5 million net worth, he has had quite the culinary career prior to his time on-camera.

Robinson received his cooking skills back in Florence, Italy before becoming a chef on the Athena, the world’s biggest cruise line. In addition to his talents in the kitchen, Ben is also a certified health and lifestyle coach, which also contributes to his growing worth.

9 Eddie Lucas – $1 Million

Via Bravo TV

Eddie Lucas appeared on the very first season of Below Deck, however, he only lasted up until the series third season. During his time on the show, the star stirred up quite a lot of drama, especially when it comes to his romance.

He began dating co-star, Rocky Dakota, however, he did so all while having a girlfriend back home. Despite his wrongdoings, Eddie was a stellar sea crew member, which makes his $1 million net worth a fitting figure for his level of adventure expertise.

8 Captain Lee Rosbach – $800,000

Via GQ

Captain Lee Rosbach is certainly the most loved Below Deck cast member. The captain is by no means a pushover and has no problem speaking his mind, especially when it comes to rules on his ship.

As someone who charters yachts, it is no surprise that the esteemed out at sea captain has amassed an impressive net worth of $800,000, which was certainly made possible from his estimates $95,000 – $130,000 annual salary, says Screen Rant.

7 Captain Mark Howard – ~$800,000

Via Bravo TV

Captain Mark Howard first appeared on Below Deck’s first season, however, that would be the last time fans would see him. While his departure may have come off as sudden, fans immediately fell in love with Howard’s replacement, Captain Sandy.

During his time on the show, it was reported that Mark was bringing in between $120,000 to $180,000 annually, which is quite similar to that of Captain Lee. Considering the duo have been in the game for the same amount of time, it is only fitting to assume that Captain Mark’s net worth is similar to that of Lee Rosbach’s.

6 Hannah Ferrier – $600,000

Via Monsters & Critics

Considering the success of Bravo’s original Below Deck series, it was only fitting for the network to introduced fans to Hannah Ferrier, who became the Chief Yacht Stewardess in the reality series spin-off, Below Deck: Mediterranean.

The Aussie-born star has become a fan favorite, mostly because of her bubbly and sweet personality. Despite her kind ways, Ferrier is also the last person you’d want to upset! Luckily for the star, her success on the series has allowed her to amass a net worth of $600,000. 

5 Captain Sandy Yawn – $400,000

Via Refinery29

Much like Captain Lee Rosbach, Captain Sandy Yawn is not only a fan favorite but loved by Bravo exec, Andy Cohen. Sandy has worked in a freelancing capacity at sea for over three decades, making her quite the expert.

As a yacht captain, [aroculal on Below Deck, the star has dealt with a number of situations that make her as great as she is, especially when it comes to putting up with her crew. Luckily for Captain Sandy, the star has her $400,000 net worth to fall back on if she ever chooses to leave the show for good.

4 Kate Chastain – $300,000

Via Bravo TV

In addition to stepping down from Below Deck, Kate also revealed that she’d be leaving Bravo’s Chat Room, making it clear that she’s no longer about that Bravo life. Despite her absence, Kate managed to make quite the name for herself, and if that weren’t enough, she’s also earned herself a net worth of $300,000. 

3 Ashton Pienaar $150,000

Via Monsters & Critics

Ashton Pienaar made his Below Deck debut during its sixth season on Below Deck: Seanna. It became clear that he and fellow co-star, Kate Chastain, would not get along, which was evident during the show’s reunion at the Bravo Clubhouse. During his time on the show, Pienaar developed quite the budding romance with fellow cast member, Ross Inia.

The two bonded over their love for sports, and adventure, which made their time out at sea that much better. While Ashton may no longer be on the show, he managed to earn decent pay, amassing a net worth of $150,000.

2 Kat Held – $100,000

Via Bravo Kat Held

Kat Held was certainly a respected crew member on the hit series, Below Deck. Her career out at sea first began back in Maimi, Florida when she snagged her first role as a yacht stewardess. While fans loved Kat, it appears as if she did not love the show.

The star remained a full-time cast member for two seasons before calling it quits. She went on to reveal that she’d be leaving yachting behind for good and moved back home to Rhode Island. Despite her leaving the industry, Kat managed to earn herself a net worth of $100,000.

1 Rhylee Gerber – $100,000

Via Bravo TV

Rhylee Gerber made for the perfect addition to Below Deck! The star made her love for fishing and commercial fishing boats clear from on the show, a passion she developed from a young age.

Prior to her time on Bravo, Gerber appeared on the reality show, The Last Frontier, making it clear that she was no stranger to the cameras. During her time with Bravo, Rhylee earned $20,000 per episode, amassing a net worth of $100,000. 








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