The Office: 10 Signs You Are The Kelly Kapoor At Your Workplace

The character of Kelly Kapoor was played by Mindy Kaling, one of the funniest comedic actresses ever. She has done a lot of other movies and TV shows outside of The Office including The Mindy Project, Ocean’s 8, and Late Night.

The character of Kelly Kapoor is known for being the office gossip who literally can’t keep a single secret. She is also known for being the customer service specialist who everyone else can depend on to handle customer complaints. Another thing she is known for is allowing her personal issues to follow her into the professional setting of her workplace. Are you the Kelly Kapoor of your workplace?

10 Your Known Amongst Your Coworkers For Spreading Workplace Gossip

Kelly Kapoor was known around the office for being a major gossip. If someone spilled the beans of a secret in front of her, it wasn’t going to stay a secret for long! She was very similar to Michael Scott in this way. If your coworkers know that you can’t be trusted with secrets because it’s too difficult for you to keep your lips sealed, then you are the Kelly Kapoor of your workplace.

9 Your Coworkers Know They Can Come To You If They’re Feeling Bored

Kelly Kapoor was always there for her coworkers whenever they seemed bored. One of the coworkers she spent the most time with (out of everyone else) was Ryan Howard, her off-and-on boyfriend. And every single scene, it is obvious that she is helping him get through his workday by engaging in conversation with him! If your coworkers feel like they can come to you and you will help them feel like the hours of the day are speeding by faster, you are the Kelly Kapoor of your workplace.

8 Your Customers Service Skills Are Amazing

Kelly Kapoor was in charge of customer relations in the office which means that she took calls from any customers who had complaints. She was always super patient and caring with any Customer regardless of how upset they were. If you’re really good at dealing with customers and maintaining your patience, then you are very similar to Kelly. It is easy for customer service employees to lose patience if they are getting yelled at all day by a bunch of people, but some customer service workers are naturally able to keep their cool.

7 You’re Good At Cheering Up The People You Work With

Kelly Kapoor was easily able to cheer up her coworkers. For example, when Erin Hannon (played by Ellie Kemper) was really sad about Andy’s relationship with his girlfriend Jessica, Kelly stepped up and embarrass Jessica in front of everyone at the Christmas party in order to make Erin feel better! You are very similar to Kelli if your coworkers know that they can come to you for a mood boost.

6 You Like To Dress Cute When You Go To Work Every Day

Kelly Kapoor made it a point to dress fashionably cute to her own standards every time she came to work. She dressed up even nicer when she knew Ryan Howard was going to be there! For some people (who are sick and tired of their jobs), it is easy to get lazy with daily fashion choices. If you still care about your outward appearance every time you go to work, then you can relate to Kelly.

5 You’re Friends With Most Of Your Coworkers

Kelly Kapoor got along with pretty much every single person that she worked with at the office. She was cool with everyone from her manager, Michael Scott, to the receptionist, Erin Hannon. She was cool with pretty much all the salesmen and accountants as well.

No one in the office ever really had beef with Kelly Kapoor except for Dwight Schrute when he tried to get her fired for lying about his and Jim’s customer reviews. If you are on friendly terms with the majority of your coworkers then you are just like Kelly.

4 You Hang Out With Your Coworkers Off The Clock

The first time that Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard hooked up was on February 13th, the night before Valentine’s Day! She went out to a bar with him and his friends… Which means that she is comfortable hanging out with coworkers off the clock. If you’ve invited coworkers to hang out after work or any time off the clock, then you are most likely the Kelly Kapoor of your office!

3 You’ve Been Caught Using Your Phone At Work Before

Kelly Kapoor was caught using her phone during the Christmas party intervention for Meredith after Meredith’s hair caught on fire. She explained that she was using her phone because the Christmas party had turned into a total drag.

If you find yourself bored at work are you the type of person to pull out your phone and scroll through social media or send text messages to friends? If so, you are just like Kelly Kapoor!

2 Your Personal Drama Sometimes Follows You Into Your Work Day

Every time Kelli Kapoor had a personal issue outside of the workplace, she expressed her grievances to her coworkers without any hesitation. Most of her issues revolved around her off-and-on relationship with Ryan Howard. He really put her through the ringer for several years. Every time he would hurt her, she would vent about it or talk about it to anyone who would hear her out. If your personal issues follow you into the workplace, you might just be the Kelly Kapoor of your workplace.

1 You’re Content With What You Do For A Living

Kelly Kapoor was completely content and happy with what she did for a living as a customer service specialist in the office. She never complained about her daily job duties or anything like that because she was genuinely satisfied. If you feel like you are completely happy and comfortable in your current job position then you are just like Kelly Kapoor— and most definitely might just be the Kelly Kapoor out of all your fellow employees.








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