Who Are Russell Crowe’s Kids?

Most fans will recall that Russell Crowe once graced tabloid headlines for courting Meg Ryan back in 2000. But what is lesser-known is that both before and after he got involved with his co-star, Russell was connected to an Australian singer named Danielle Spencer.

Though Russell took a break from his partnership with Spencer for around a year, the two eventually wound up married and had two children together. So who are Russell’s now-teen children?

Lately he’s been having feuds with Azealia Banks and hanging out on Twitter a lot, but back in the early 2000s, Russell Crowe was busy becoming a first-time dad.

Charles Spencer Crowe came first in 2003, and Tennyson Spencer Crowe arrived in 2006. That makes the boys 17 and 14 at the moment, with Tennyson due to turn 15 this summer.

Of course, not much is known about Russell’s kids’ early days. Most of his relationship with their mom was likely fraught with drama, especially given all of Crowe’s controversies in the media.

And it’s also tough to track down photographic evidence of Russell’s parenting skills. It seems like he doesn’t bring his kids out with him often, and fans don’t blame him. But although throwback red carpet photos feature the Crowe boys when they were younger, Russell has taken them on outings to see sports games, and they’ve also been photographed at the airport on occasion.

When the pandemic struck, the divorced dad explained that his teen sons didn’t want to stay with him on his “country estate,” notes Daily Mail. While Crowe has been sharing snapshots of wild critters and remote sunsets in his corner of Australia, his sons preferred hanging with their mom in Sydney, because they were able to get Uber Eats at her place.

Maybe they weren’t big fans of their dad taking shots out of Johnny Cash’s Grammy with Ed Sheeran. Or maybe they’re just typical teen boys whose parents have done a great job of keeping them out of the spotlight.

Even though Crowe sold off a ton of his stuff in a Sotheby’s auction post-divorce (he and Danielle separated in 2012), he doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward his ex these days. However, he does value his time with his children, so although they’re not quarantining together, it sounds like Crowe has a pretty close relationship with his boys.

A few years back, Celebrity Nine quoted him as saying that whenever he had free time, he’d spend it with his kids. If anyone had demands of him during that time, he didn’t care; Russell noted that he also got to enjoy visitation with his kids lasting from December 27th to January 15th.

Of course, now that they’re older and more interested in Uber Eats than hanging out with good old dad, not to mention dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Tennyson and Charles probably spent their holiday differently this year.








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