Who Is Chris Pine’s Girlfriend Annabelle Wallis, And What Does She Do?

It doesn’t take much sleuthing to find out that Chris Pine’s leading lady is also someone who’s quite active in Hollywood. Annabelle Wallis is a celeb in her own right, and she’s not about to be overshadowed by her hunky beau.

Here’s everything fans need to know about Chris Pine’s girlfriend Annabelle and what it is she does for a living.

First things first: Annabelle is a successful actress. She’s originally from England but lived in Portugal as a child, later returning to London where she spent some of her early career, says IMDb.

This talented lady not only has an acting resume nearly as long as Pine’s, but she also speaks Portuguese, French, and Spanish. In terms of Annabelle’s resume, her most notable roles were as Jane Seymour on ‘The Tudors,’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ from 2013 to 2019.

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But another noteworthy project of Wallis’ ties into her beau’s career trajectory: she’s voiced a character on ‘Star Trek: Discover,’ while Pine was in the reboot film series. It’s highly unlikely that Chris had anything to do with Annabelle’s joining the Star Trek cast, though, and her project was just one reboot attempt that is aiming to create a new generation of Trekkies.

These days, Pine has moved on to other projects, like an upcoming ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ movie and a drama in which he portrays Walter Cronkite. And Wallis has been in some seriously creepy projects, like the film ‘Annabelle.’

As for the pair’s relationship, it was confirmed back in 2018, noted Harper’s Bazaar. Their first photo together was at Heathrow airport in London, where the two seemed to be playing coy. And as the publication claimed, Annabelle was apparently in a relationship when Chris caught her eye.

Harper’s Bazaar says that Chris wooed Annabelle away from another man, though it hasn’t been confirmed just who that man was. However, rumors suggest that Annabelle did date Coldplay frontman Chris Martin from 2014 to 2016. Of course, in interviews, Wallis didn’t want to discuss that.

And she’s apparently not publicly admitted that she’s in a serious relationship with Pine, either. Though plenty of photos have captured them together — shopping during the pandemic, among other outings — she doesn’t seem to share much about her personal life on Instagram. However, Chris did appear in a promo video she posted to IG for In Sheep’s Clothing.

For Pine’s part, he doesn’t appear to have Instagram at all. Which is fine: Wallis mostly posts about her work and social causes. From Vogue Russia covers to posing for photography students and sharing snapshots of the English countryside, Annabelle’s pretty active on social media.

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That is, when she’s not acting, which she did plenty of in 2020. She may not catch up to Pine’s big-screen prolificness, but she’s doing pretty well for herself without her man’s help.








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